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RE-Breakable Boards

Specifically to practice your Focus, breaking techniques, accuracy & skills.

Breaker Board Holder: We Suggest and specifically only recommend that you use our breaking board holder to support any breaker boards. (some pics of boards in holder incl for your info)


Foam Sided Breaker Boards: These have foam protection on both sides, are 31cm x 23cm wide: Approximate strengths in mm of pine are as follows; Yellow @ 7mm; Blue @ 13mm: Red @ 20mm: Black @ 25mm.

Important: All solid boards * These are each approx 28cms square, very tough and you will innevitably not be able to break them when hand held: To break them you will need one of our Board Holders:

Solid White board:-  Approx equal 40mm of solid pine.

Solid Red board:-  Approx equal 45mm of solid pine.

Solid Blue board:-  Approx equal 50mm of solid pine.

Solid BLACK board:-  Approx equal 55mm of solid pine.


 * DISCLAIMER (important)*  All of these boards must only be used after demonstration & training of correct techniques by appropriate & Qualified Instructor and only with correct/appropriate supervision. We also recommend that everyone start with easier boards & then progress as skills develop. The, their joints etc may get damaged during use so no guarantees of longevity are provided. Damaged boards will not be replaced & must be sensibly/responsibly disposed of. We suggest use on suitable surface/area/environment to help prevent damage/impact to users/boards/spectators/environment etc. We do not recommend hand holding for any boards. We provide no assurances nor insurances, nor do we accept any responsibility for damage or injury of any kind.