Breaker Board Holder

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Free standing with easy & quick variable height.

You are buying one holder complete with one (1 only) board holder Head Unit.

This Breaker Board holder comes in 4 main parts incles one head unit, one cross bar, one post and one base only.

  • Easily and simply to assemble, operate & dismantle in moments. (Only 4 parts, no tools required.)
  • Assembled by Hand. Three hand operated fixings so No tools needed.
  • Height adjusted easily.
  • Transported easily in four seperate parts so simple and easy to put up on any flat suitable surface.
  • Assembly etc is simple quick and easy.
  • Main parts are metal hollow section construction. 

Head Unit will hold multiple breaker boards and it's position (ie: head units height) is fully height adjustable within it's range. 

Notes: Breaker Boards Not included, They are available sold seperately.

(Pictures showing multiple head units are pictured with them at various heights for illustration purposes only to visually show that the head units can be positioned easially at varying vertical heights).