BOB Training Equipment Dummy

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Free standing Easy to use

You are buying one "Bob" training kick and Punch equipment dummy with one base & one body.

  • Easily and simply to assemble, operate & dismantle 
  • Flesh like torso creates realistic training.
  • Transported very easily in its three parts or even just two sections if you want to.
  • Use inside or outside if you like.
  • Base can be filled with sand or water.
  • Assembly etc is simple quick and easy.

It features the longer torso which creates more surface area for praciticing your kicks and punches with body shots rather than just head height.

The flesh-like torso creates a realistic training experience, and the bag can be used with or without gloves.

Additional Information

Yes they work with either Sand or Water in the base. However sand filled is even more stable since sand is heavier than water. You can even mix both perhaps for added stability.

Deliver is naturally to your HED TKD TaeKwon-do Club at your club session. Or contact us to arrange & pay for your own courier.