Black Belts (named TAGB black belt)

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For Black Belt students & Instructors. 

New TAGB Black Belt with your own name on it.

(send a message here with your order stating exactly what you'd like your belt to say: eg: "Susan Fredricks"  or  "S Fredricks"  or  "Susan T Fredricks" 

Golden writing and golden stripe (your belt will also have one stripe on each end to represent 1st Dan)

Junior sizes (150cms or 200cms)

Adult sizes (300cms or 340cms)

These are made to order and once you order they will take time (@2 to 12 weeks for delivery depending on demand at the time of order).

For the addition of additional stripes, you must order & then immediately provide your instructor with your existing TAGB belt in reasonable condition & with space to accept the additional stripes that you have ordered. (your names will not be added, just the stripes that you have ordered) Your belt will be returned to you after the stripe(s) have been added. (Exact colour match to worn colours or worn or existing belts cannot be guaranteed)